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Have you or someone you may know ever had to have a Foley Cath Bag?

  If so, then you know how embarrassing and unsightly a cath bag filled with urine can be. You are ashamed to go out in public and have everyone staring at you and your urine! Always wondering what people "might" be thinking or going to say. More often people tend to stay in the comfort of their home because of this issue....

                       The C NO P COVER is the answer!

  The C NO P COVER ** I have designed this bag cover so you can not see any urine at all passing through the tubing into the bag. You can still use the hook that is on the Foley bag to hang as it was intended to be used.

 The C NO P Cover is a two part system.

TUBING COVER- This will slip over the tubing.

BAG COVER- This will slip over tubing down over the bag.

The bottom of the bag can be opened for easy removal of urine.


We also offer the C NO P Leg Bag Cover for Bard and Conveen brand.

The C NO P Cover will give you back your confidence to go out into the community.

The C NO P Cover is machine washable. 


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This cover hides the unsightly image of urine in a Foley cath bag.

  • Price: $22.00



Have you aquired a night time sleeping buddy?  Try our customized tube covers and give your new buddy attitude. 


  • Price: $9.95

 Let us cover you with the C NO P Cover.